Lending Library

An extensive library of Meher Baba books, and a library of Meher Baba videos, as well, are available for loan through the Meher Baba Center of Northern California.  Library materials are located upstairs at the Stockton Street center on a tall bookshelf. There are also shelves downstairs that contain library materials.

Instructions for borrowers:  The library is available to everyone. First register your name, address, phone number, and internet address in the registry book in the library. We ask that you return items after two months or sooner.

We are always happy to receive donations of books and videos about Meher Baba for our lending library.

You may also be interested in the many online books and archives that are now available. A nearly comprehensive archive of books is at www.ambppct.org/library.php and the immense biography (over 5000 pages) of Meher Baba is available at www.lordmeher.org