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Instructions for Borrowers
The library is available to everyone. First register your name, address, phone number, and internet address in the registry book in the library. We ask that you return items after two months or sooner.

Library materials are located upstairs at the Stockton Street center on a tall bookshelf. There are also shelves downstairs that contain library materials.

Pam Johnson is the Librarian for the Meher Baba Center of Northern California. If you have donations to make, or requests or concerns, please contact Pam at
See the list at the bottom of this page for donation suggestions. We need many, many more books and videos in our library.

Video Library

Avatar Meher Baba Trust, 13 minutes
Avatar, Meher Prasad, 1962 and 1966 darshans, 13 minutes, Australian production
Avatar Meher Baba’s Mandali, Mehera by Paul Comar
Beyond Words, by Louis Van Gasteren, $50, 28 minutes
Eternal Beloved, $50, 40 minutes, interview with mandali restored color film
God In Human Form, Irwin Luck’s production
Love Personified, $40, 30 minutes, photos from Hermes
Meher Baba, the Awakener, $30, 55 minutes, by Tim Thelan, 1994, interviews with Bhau, Don Stevens, the twins, M. Poley
Meher Baba’s Call, $40, 34 minutes, Chris Riger production
Meher Baba’s Grace, $20, 13 minutes, Cindy Lowe, and Judith Shotwell
Meher Baba’s 1932 Message to America, and Meher Baba at Harmon on Hudson, 1932
O Parvardigar, $47.50, 60 minutes (Oceana Produciton) restoration and enhancement of Townsend film
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, $22, 120 minutes (The Oklahoma accident, 1952) Thief of Hearts, $30, 90 minutes, Interviews with residents at Meherabad,
When Merwan Grew Up, $20, 33 minutes, for children
You Alone Exist — poem and prayer, $20, 24 minutes, a Peter Nordeen production


Process of Awakening, $30, 60 minutes
His Ways Are Unfathomable, $30, 64 minutes, 1991
Closer and Closer to Him

How to Love God, Meher Prasad
The Future with Meher Baba, Meher Prasad •

Kitty Davy

Love in Service, $15, 13 minutes
Baba’s Kitty, A True Friend, 12 minutes
Hello Ducks — $25, 22 minutes
Infinite Intelligence As All in All, $5, 39 minutes, story behind the 2005 book


Accepting His Way, $15, 27 minutes
His Real and Constant Presence, $15, 48 minutes, 1989 film
Mani’s Internment, September 8, 1996


Meher Baba, Lord and Friend, $40, 60 minutes
Mehera, Meher Baba’s Beloved, 42 minutes, Meher Prasad


60 minutes, $20, importance of obedience

Rudd, Virginia

Memories of Meher Baba

Stephens, William

Souls on Fire, interview on Hawaiian television, 2000

Stevens, Don

Interview on the 3 Bridges Lecture

Witness Series, produced by Wendall Brustman

Mehera — Meher Baba, Lord and Friend
Goher — Each One His Duty
Katie — His Will, His Pleasure
Knowles, Charmian Duce — My Life with Meher Baba, 7 discs
Irene Billo — Living with God
Mani — All This and Heaven Too
Agnes Baron — The Beloved’s Watch Dog
Lud Dimpfl — My Experience with Meher Baba

Eruch — Becoming His, parts I, II, III, and IV

Part I, $35, 58 minutes, early in Eruch’s life
Part II, $35, 59 minutes, in the ‘30s
Part III, $35. 60 ,minutes, stories of mother and father
and sisters
Part IV, $35, 57 minutes, stories, up to time of New Life

Michael LePage Productions

Love Comes West — $20, 33 minutes
The Ancient One, $20, 52 minutes
Samadhi, $20, 35 minutes

Sufism Reoriented DVDs, received in Nov. 2006

Garland of Egos, Michael Da Costa poetry and songs
God Speaks — The Musical, a Henry Mindlin production
Meher Baba’s Life in Song, #1, (Merwan, and Manzil-e-Meem)
Meher Baba’s Life in Song, #2, (Prem Ashram and Mast Tours)
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, by Duncan Knowles
Rabia of Basra, a play, 2005
Sufi Devotional Program, #1, You and I Are Not We But One
Sufi Devotional Program II, The Divine Theme

Suggested Donations

The Meher Baba Center would be happy to accept donations of any of the following videos for our lending library:

God In Human Form — $24, 65 minutes, by Peter Nordeen
The Ancient One — $40, 35 minutes, last public darshan, 1965
Lord of Love– $35, 35 minutes, four films, 1954 Dehra Dun, Australia in 1958,
Birthday for Baba, Walking with Baba, 1961
Beloved With Us, $20, 19 minutes, 1959 and 1969
The God-Man, 1976 Amartithi, interviews with Mani, Eruch, Padri, and Rano, music by Pete Townsend
A Date with the Eternal Beloved, 1989 Amartithi, last celebration with Mehera present.
Mehera, Meher Baba’s Beloved, $40, 60 minutes, Meheru speaks


All This and Heaven Too,
Welcome to My World, $20, 60 minutes, shows hand gestures
Accepting His Ways, $15, 27 minutes, learning His ways
Doing All for His Sake, $15, 32 minutes


Offering Our Imperfections, $30, 50 minutes, 1994 interview and befriending the mind
Process of Awakening, $30, 60 minutes, 1993 interview
Beholden to Him, $30, 55 minutes, 1990, finding the Beloved within and the importance of that relationship
Closer and Closer to Him, $35, 57 minutes
How to Love God, $30, 45 minutes

A Conversation with Bal Natu, $15, 34 minutes, 1992 interview, about creating his series of “Conversations”

Memories of the Frivolous Three — $15, 73 minutes, stories from Margaret Craske, Delia DeLeon and Kitty Davy, taped in 1988

The Final Declaration, $18, Bhau Kalchuri tells the story of Baba’s four messages, and their effect at the time

Tukaram — coming

Birthday plays at Meherabad on video, available from Hughie MacDonald