Pleasing God

Oh, My lovers! I love you all. It is only because of love for My creation that I have descended on Earth. (From Love Alone Prevails by Kitty Davy, available from Sheriar Bookstore)

Suppose we grasp what Meher Baba is saying here (and elsewhere), and our response is to love him. What might we do to express our love? The traditional way is through selflessly serving the person we love. In Baba’s case a traditional way to look upon this is asking ourselves, “What would we do that would please him?”

Baba is not in a body now, but he emphasized over and over that he was with us, whether in or out of the body, and that our spiritual welfare and progress was his concern, and indeed he suffered when we suffered. It follows that what we would want to do is such thoughts, words and actions that might please him, or perhaps not displease him. The former standard is clearly the more difficult to achieve.

It perhaps makes most sense to internalize this spirit. Since he has emphasized that we are all one, doing unto others as we would do unto them occurs naturally as a method of ordering and constraining our actions. Since praising him is part of love, it might follow that we ought to think of him, and attribute all success and failure to his love for us. He has said that success and failure are both impostors, and in that spirit getting attached to either is a mistake.

Meditating on how to please him will produce one’s own set of insights on what to do, say and eventually think.