In conclusion: Remember this much, that the whole world is nothing but a Zero, and everything connected with it is without sum and substance. Sourced from Glimpses of the Godman, online edition, Vol 1, Part 2, page 352.

I wish to impress upon you the valuelessness of this world. It is all zero-beauty, riches, position, whatever. Sourced from Lord Meher, online edition, page 3870 “1955 Meherabad Sahavas”

When I talk of knowledge it is not ordinary knowledge, it is experiencing of Godhood. Knowledge of God means becoming God—then all else is zero. Sourced from The Awakener Magazine, Vol 16, No 2, page 29.

Sometimes I pass my time counting the evolutionary numbers. It is infinite, this illusion, as infinite as God. This is zero. The illusion is zero. The result is zero…You can bring about this result in an infinite number of ways. Why the trouble? To have consciousness …God has powers, bliss, light, peace, but He wants to express Himself. So, to gain consciousness, all this fun. And what fun…! I love the fun…yet in this fun I suffer infinitely. Sourced from The Awakener Magazine, Vol 10, No 2, Page 37.

Illusion [is] the big ZERO. Sourced from The Everything and the Nothing, page 84

Everyone is Baba,

everything is Baba, and

everywhere is Baba and all else is zero. Sourced from Glimpses of God, Vol 1, Part 2, page 352.