Center Use Policy

MBCNC Center Policy, December 2007

As part of the effort to maintain an atmosphere in the Meher Baba Center (El Cerrito) that we the Board of Directors (’07 – ’08) feel will both please Meher Baba and be in accord with various directives given during His lifetime, we set forth the following policy:

No mind-altering drugs are allowed on the premises, or individuals under their influence, unless prescribed for them by a medical doctor.

No alcoholic beverages should be consumed on the premises except during certain special events authorized by the Board of Directors.

Please do not attend functions at the Center while intoxicated.

Smoking is not permitted in the Center.

Please refrain from any politically oriented talk or activities at the Center.

Divining games or activities (tarot, I-Ching, Ouija, etc.) are not permitted on the premises.

All MBCNC Center programs focus on Avatar Meher Baba. The center shall host no programs, events, or publish material in any manner that promotes a spiritual authority, teacher, school, practice, or holy person other than Avatar Meher Baba. However, the anecdotal offering of quotes or stories related to other spiritual figures that one finds personally inspiring may be shared at Center gatherings or in Center publications dedicated to Meher Baba’s message of Love and Truth. (updated October 2014)

Please refrain from backbiting and gossiping.

The above directives apply to any and all attending meetings or other programs at the Center whether the functions are expressly dedicated to Meher Baba or not.