Is All This Occult Stuff Real? What Place Does it Have?

Some seekers have had occult experiences and are interested in a path that does not deny the apparent validity of their experiences. Meher Baba did discuss the occult. Here are some extracts:

There is a very clear and definite distinction between occultism and mysticism, spiritualism and spirituality; and any failure to grasp the full import of the difference can only lead to confusion. Sourced from here, Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, page 199.

There is nothing particularly spiritual about occult powers as such. Like any other mundane power or scientific invention, it is capable of being used for good or bad ends. Sourced from LIFE IS A JEST, by Meher Baba (Avatar Meher Baba Jabalpur Centre, 1969), page 11.

[A]ll this realm of the supernatural, occult, miraculous and magic (black or white) must be regarded as having no spiritual value in itself. Occult phenomena…may amuse, astound or overpower people. But they cannot bring about spiritual healing or uplift, which is the real thing that matters…The real lover of Truth passes by these things without becoming entangled in any of them. He cannot afford to be distracted or diverted from his real objective, viz., attaining union with God and releasing the radiance of His purity and love. Sourced from here, Beams from Meher Baba on the Spiritual Panorama, pages 36-37.

The spiritual journey…becomes more smooth if the aspirant learns to cultivate the right attitude toward occult experiences, which consists in taking them for what they are worth. This balanced attitude is just what the aspirant in the initial stages finds difficult to maintain. Sourced from here, Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, page 181.

The bliss and peace that are attendant upon real occult experiences are fairly reliable criteria by which to distinguish them as genuine. Hallucinations and delusions are like the nightmares of wakeful consciousness. Sourced from here, Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, page 183.

[T]he aspirant makes real progress by putting into practice the best intuitions of his heart, not by being the merely passive recipient of occult experiences. Sourced from here, Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, page 185.

Even the slightest misuse of occult power causes a severe reaction and creates a binding for the soul…The use of occult power…has to be strictly restricted to the furtherance of spiritual purposes. Sourced from here, Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, page 195.

Many of these references are to a discourse in a common reference source Discourses, 7th edition online, Part 2, (pages 179 and following) that the reader may wish to peruse in its entirety if these references are felt to be helpful.