The El Cerrito Center’s bookstore, Meher Baba Books, carries a broad selection of books by and about Meher Baba, from standards like The Discourses and God Speaks, written by Baba, and the 20-volume biography by Bhau Kalchuri (see below for the address of the online edition), to the narratives and poetry of women and men of the East and the West who came into his contact and recorded their experiences.

We also have a wide variety of photos, prints, and videos of Meher Baba, music CDs by talented Baba followers, jewelry, cards, and more.

Bookstore books, song books, CDs, DVDs, and more (pdf file opens in new window)

Pre-Read Books and gently used Photographs, Magazines, CDs and DVDs (pdf file opens in new window)

We are open during scheduled events. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Our bookstore is located in our Center at 6923 Stockton Avenue in El Cerrito, California.

You may also be interested in the many online books and archives that are now available. Many of the references in the Spiritual Explanations part of this site are online at and the comprehensive biography of Meher Baba is at