I am ever conscious that I am in you but you are never conscious that I am in you. Daily I support you and share your consciousness; now I want you to uphold Me so that one day you may share My consciousness. From Love Alone Prevails, page 412, by Kitty Davy, available from Sheriar Books.

The evolution of consciousness…comes to an end with the attainment of the human form; and to experience the impressions (sanskaras) cultivated in the human form and the sub-human forms, the soul has to incarnate again and again into the human form. From God Speaks, online edition, Part 2, page 180

[W]hile the gross-conscious human soul…undergoes the experience of opposites in the gross world, the consciousness of the soul has to identify (or reincarnate) itself innumerable times as a male, then as a female, and vice-versa, in varied castes, creeds, nationalities, colours, and in different places; as rich one time and then as a pauper; sometimes healthy and sometimes sick, and so forth, all the while reviewing opposite impressions and simultaneously exhausting them by opposite experiences. From God Speaks, online edition, Part 1, page 39.

The seven states of consciousness are: Intellect, Intuition, Inner Light, Inspiration, Illumination, Innermost Illumination and Realization. From Love Alone Prevails (see above), page 88.

To attain…Super-Consciousness the soul has to pass from semi-consciousness through evolution to full gross human consciousness and thence enter the inner planes of involution. There is no other way for the experience of Self-Consciousness… From The Nothing and the Everything, online edition, page 288.