Can I Sell My Soul to the Devil?

You can’t do anything irretrievable with your soul or by your actions, according to Meher Baba’s explanations. No matter what you do, your soul is eventually destined to achieve union with God. However, “eventually” many assume almost infinite proportions in the grand scheme of things if you pursue one or another of the various kinds of selfishness. Here are some of Meher Baba’s comments that bear on what will eventually happen once your fascination with “self” runs its course:

You can never escape from Me. Even if you try to escape from Me, it is not possible to get rid of Me. Therefore, have courage and be brave. Sourced from Love Alone Prevails, by Kitty Davy, page 430 (available from Sheriar Books).

The supreme soul—Paramatma, God—is nowhere to be searched for. For He is very near you; He is with you. Seek Him within. You could easily see Him were it not for the big ‘devils’ that stand in your way. They are egoism, lust, anger and greed. Sourced from Treasures from the Meher Baba Journal, 1938-1942, ed. Jayne Barry Haynes (Sheriar Press, 1980), page 246.

There is only one way to escape this illusion, and that is, I repeat, to take my name, have my remembrance and love me. This will get you to God! Sourced from Lord Meher Online Edition, Page 3766, “1955 Meherabad Sahavas”.

So there is no act can eternally break the connection between you and the Divine Beloved. That said, there is the prospect of almost unimaginable suffering that may come your way as a consequence of your actions. That suffering may entail virtually uncountable numbers of lifetimes… But, in the end all will be well.

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