Program Committee – Janet White
Do you have a suggestion for a new program or event?  Please send an email to programs@meherbabameherbaba.org

Design and Use – Pamela Johnson, Donovan Rankin

Membership – Ellen Van Allen

Finance – Ellen Van Allen, Board liaison to Treasurer

Service – Karen Talbot

Urban Sahavas – Alan and Karen Talbot

Bookstore / Library – Karen Talbot, Fred White

Archives – Pamela Johnson, Jeanne Moje MacDonald

Nominating Committee – Alan Talbot

Outreach Committee – looking for volunteers!
Do you have ideas for community outreach?  Please send an email to outreach@meherbabameherbaba.org

Communications and Fundraising – Ellen Van Allen, Janet White, Jeanne Moje MacDonald

  • Mailing List – managed by the Board
  • Website & Facebook Page – Jeanne Moje MacDonald
    Questions or comments about the MBCNC website or Facebook page?  Send an email to webmaster@meherbabameherbaba.org
  • Calendar (online) – Jeanne Moje MacDonald
    Do you have an event or update for our calendar?  Please send an email to: calendar@meherbabameherbaba.org

Who to Contact
Email: volunteer@meherbabameherbaba.org
Telephone: (510) 525-4779 (message only, email preferred)
If you wish to leave a message, a text message is preferred to a voice mail message


Board Members

Kirk Allen
Pamela Johnson
Meher Rishika Nori
Donovan Rankin
Ellen Van Allen
Fred White
Janet White



President:  Janet White
Secretary:  Ellen Van Allen
Treasurer:  Vern Stovall